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Marriage or water baptism is one of the most important and sacred events in our culture. The real meaning of marriage is written in the Vedas. In the rituals of the Vedas, how to follow different types of marriages, rituals and rituals, how to read verses, and what is the correct meaning of all these are written. In today's wedding ceremonies, scholars and mantras read out from these sources


Hindu marriage is based on the marriage of Suma with Surya and is narrated by Rishi Surya in Rigveda. It can be a fiction wedding or a perfect man can get married himself.


In almost all literary books such as Ramayana, Mahabharata, Purana, Kalidas etc., the mention of the Deities-Gods, great creatures, Raja-Rani's wedding ceremonies is very beautiful and detailed. If the worship, text, Vedic rituals and shloks are properly followed in life, then every marriage will be successful and the relationship of husband and wife will never break.

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