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When it comes to this specific Puja, it is important to remember that It is believed that reciting the Garud Puran every day for nine days would assist the departed soul in entering heaven and receiving atonement from their chakra. Best Garudpuran Paath in Delhi, The Garud puran is said to have been dictated by the Lord Himself, making it one of the holiest Hindu writings in existence. Those who have studied the Garud Puran are the only ones who are capable of reciting it.


In these circumstances, it is recommended that a skilled and competent pandit execute a suitable ceremony to bless the dead loved one.


Best Garudpuran Paath in Delhi, A qualified pandit who is well-versed in Hindu Vedic Shastra will take care of your chosen venue (home, temple, cremation site, etc.) and time for your funeral service.

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